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Pre & Post-Birth Orders

Colorado Surrogacy Lawyer

In Colorado, Intended Parents are able to petition the Court for an order of parentage stating that the Intended Parents’ names are to be placed on the child’s birth certificate at the time of birth.

Under Obergefell v. Hodges, and In re the Parental Responsibilities of A.R.L and concerning Limberis, same‑sex Intended Parents may now be placed on the child’s birth certificate at the time of birth, thereby potentially eliminating the need for a second parent adoption in many states.

Through a post‑birth order, Emily can remove the Gestational Carrier’s name from the birth certificate in situations where the Intended Parent’s home country may require that the Gestational Carrier be listed as the child’s mother on the birth certificate initially.

My husband and I highly recommend McArthur Law Firm to other intended parents. As first‑time intended parents who live out of state, we were concerned the gestational carrier agreement negotiations would negatively impact the open and trusting relationship we were working to create with our gestational surrogate and her husband. Much to our relief, Emily and her paralegal were able to help us through the process in a way that preserved our relationship, and actually made it stronger. Emily and her team were extremely knowledgeable, provided practical advice, and were very responsive to our inquiries and deadlines. We remain eternally grateful to the team at McArthur Law Firm for their assistance and support throughout our surrogacy journey.