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International Clients

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In the United States, assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy have been utilized for decades, however, their acceptance is not universal. Some countries have an outright ban on both compassionate and compensated surrogacy, while others restrict surrogate compensation to reimbursement of medical expenses only. Fortunately, the United States has some of the most favorable surrogacy laws in the world, allowing international couples to fulfill their dreams of having a child through the U.S. legal system. In addition to legal accessibility, Intended Parents may choose the U.S. because of the quality of medical care provided to the surrogate, and the compensation the surrogate may receive.

While it is critical for international intended parent to seek legal representation from an attorney in their home country, it is of equal importance to secure representation for the surrogate. Having an attorney in both locations ensures the intended parents have an advocate who can anticipate any legal issues that may arise, especially regarding immigration. Having worked with clients from dozens of other countries, McArthur Law Firm has the experience, expertise, and network to provide comprehensive legal services to international couples seeking to use a surrogate in the United States, including  drafting, reviewing, and negotiating gestational carrier agreements.

One of the biggest concerns for international intended parents is what citizenship the child will receive at birth. All children born in the United States are automatically granted citizenship.  However, there may be requirements in the home country that must be met. McArthur Law Firm will petition the Colorado court for a pre-birth order to ensure that the intended parents’ names are placed on the birth certificate, and we can aid in obtaining a U.S. passport so the child may travel back to their parents’ home country. We can work with your chosen attorney in your home country. Additionally, McArthur Law Firm can coordinate translation services.

At McArthur Law Firm we look forward to supporting intended parents from all over the globe as they complete their families.

I have used McArthur Law Firm for both of my gestational carrier agreements and I was very happy with their expertise concerning this delicate subject matter. The timeliness they returned my calls and emails and the overall friendly and easy communication with Emily and her paralegal Heather was truly great. I strongly recommend this law office and would use them again in the future.


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